• Why Shared Resources?

    Shared Resources brings an integrated and comprehensive approach to the assessment of social and environmental risks and impacts in project development and delivery. In many cases, Shared Resources has worked with the same clients for a number of years, building trusted relationships where ideas can be tested. The deliverables and advice provided by Shared Resources are grounded by the practical experience of the founder, gained through having worked in over 40 countries while also keeping up to date with evolving social and environmental fields. Shared Resources has extensive experience working with a wide variety of clients, from international lenders and development agencies, to junior exploration companies, through small-scale infrastructure companies to global leaders in the extractive sector. The advice provided is shaped to the needs and capacity of the client.

Liz Wall – Founder

Liz is a social development and environmental specialist with over twenty years experience working with extractive sector projects in developing countries. She has extensive experience working with projects in complex social environments in more than 40 countries, including thirteen countries in Africa.

A New Zealander by birth, Liz has lived and worked in four continents and is devoted to helping communities in developing countries experience the positive benefits and minimise the adverse impacts of natural resource sector led development. She believes that development requires a comprehension of the social, environmental and economic factors at play in every project. Liz’s multi-disciplinary background helps her understand and balance each of these dimensions, drawing on her Bachelors degree in Mining Engineering, Master of Philosophy in Development Studies and Master of Science of Environmental Change and Management.

Prior to establishing Shared Resources in 2008, Liz worked for the International Finance Corporation (IFC) as a social development and environmental specialist focussing on mining investments. She also spent five years working for Rio Tinto in both project and corporate roles, focussing on health, environment and communities aspects.