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Shared Resources

Shared Resources is a small consultancy which specializes in identifying and managing social and environmental impacts and opportunities associated with natural resource projects in developing countries. Started in 2008, Shared Resources was established with the goal of reducing poverty through the responsible development of natural resources. Shared Resources believes that project development needs to manage the complex and sometimes competing interests of communities, environmental protection and business in order to deliver sustainable benefits. Bringing together over 20 years of experience working on projects in developing countries, Shared Resources can support companies, multilateral organisations, international lenders and NGOs to design and develop projects which deliver a positive outcome for communities, the environment and business. The majority of work undertaken by Shared Resources is designed to comply with the International Finance Corporation’s Performance Standards.


Sound environmental management, minimisation of impact to ecosystem services and biodiversity, and development of effective management systems to achieve consistent implementation.


Participative engagement with affected communities and interested stakeholders, minimisation of adverse social impacts and identification of opportunities for beneficial impact, and integration of social (community and labour) risks and impacts into business decision-making.


In-depth knowledge of business and financial objectives, technical advice in relation to project implementation drawing on engineering skillset, and an ability to express social and environmental concerns and opportunities in business language.


Shared Resources provides the following services:

Shared Resources and Development Alliance NGO selected by EBRD to implement LRP for waste pickers affected by the modernisation of Mongolian Moringiin Davaa Dump Site

IAIA Advanced Resettlement Training for 2020 postponed to 2021 in Sevilla!

Webinar on Resettlement delivered by Shared Resources available on the Publications page